What is Upstream '17?

We are a diverse group of advertising students, selectively picked from the School of Journalism and Communications to be a part of the University of Oregon's National Advertising Team. We compete with Advertising Teams across the nation by reconstructing an assigned brand to the specifications of the Brand Representatives. In this case, the 2017 National Advertising Conference chose Tai Pei, Frozen Asian Food. 

Upstream '17 is a team of 21 students and one faculty advisor. We split into three separate teams of Strategy, Creative and Media. By doing so, we were able to hone in on our specific talents and focus on every aspect of the client's ask. We had the opportunity to function within the capacity of an advertising agency, providing hands-on experience. 

Eat When You Want.


Within these slides, you will see which media platforms we decided to use, where the platforms would fit best and what the statistical breakdown of our placements. 

Tai Pei Deck 


Strategy: Emma Pindell, Ben Neal, Benson Wink, Colleen Cass

Media: James McAndrew, Emily Sarale, Cailin Wolff, Hailey Geller, Emma Hyman, Ashley Graves

Creative: Emily Leclerc, Tucker Stosic Mac Mullen, Tim Farah,  Key Higdon, Devyn Holbrook, Kevin Camacho, Kyra Bailey

Interns: Rachel Benner, Quyen Tran, Talia Bootz