Adapt, Bond and Create

In June 2016, the Science and Memory student team traveled to Cordova, Alaska to observe the complexities of climate and environment. There, we came to see adapting as surviving, bonding as living, creating as thriving. The ABCs project is designed to show that we cannot take advantage of the resources we rely on, just as we cannot blindly accept intolerance and indifference. Rather, we must remain focused, mindful and proactive.

After spending time in Cordova, we were re-energized, eager to create and inspire. As a team of diverse communicators, we felt an obligation to share our experiences and newfound, alarming knowledge about the effects of climate change. Upon our arrival home in Eugene, Oregon, we resumed classes and jumpstarted the ABC's Project. 

When November 8, 2016 befell America, we hit the brakes. For the first time in a long time, we felt hopeless. As communicators with a duty to provide truthful insights and information, we shifted the direction of our campaign. It was no longer just about climate change, but about broader changes in attitudes and ideas. 

We remind you today that to live in the United States of America is to innately have agency and power. We ask you to speak your mind, stand your ground and fight for a just and sustainable future. By aligning with our campaign, you help to create and communicate a future that this earth and our children deserve. We are not the few who blindly believe in a bright future, but the many who live with ambition and determination.

The Science and Memory Team



Poster Artists: Kevin Comacho, Gabrielle Gomez, Sydney Humble and Emilie Weiss

Writers: Sam Coffaro, Lauren Fields and Ashley Graves

Fearless Leaders and Organizers: Kathryn Harris and Brittany Smith