Sky Diving

Sky diving was one of my most risky, yet thrilling adventures. I am slightly afraid of heights and absolutely despise that drop feeling you get in your stomach on roller coasters. Nonetheless, sky diving was my way of proving to myself that I can do anything. Cliche? Maybe, but sometimes it is worth the risk in order to obtain the reward. 

Exploring Oregon

I have always loved hiking and exploring, but being from California, most of my hikes were spent dodging rattlesnakes and sharp, dead plants. The views are gorgeous, but I always felt like I was missing something. In further exploring my home away from home, in Oregon, I have discovered a newfound love and appreciation for all things green  

Mount Pisgah, Springfield, Oregon - A lovely, straight-up incline, but gorgeous hike.

Multnomah Falls: Portland Oregon - Gorgeous, green, waterfall filled hiking experience.

Spencer's Butte - My favorite hike in Eugene because you can pretty much see the entirety of Lane County.