Day 20

Brittney Tokumori - Smile

"I feel like someone with a good smile tells me something about their personality. If someone smiles a lot then they are a happy person and are more intriguing and I want to have a conversation with them." 

Day 19

Joseph Rojo - Eyes

"I have colored eyes (non-brown) and growing up that's the first thing people would notice on me so that is what I've come to notice in other people."

Day 16

Molly Thornburg - Dressed/Facial Expressions

"How people present and carry themselves is evident in the way they're dressed. I notice their facial expressions and how they react to me."

Day 14

Lydia McClaran - A man's build and women's outfits

" I think I notice a guy's build first, life if they're tall or skinny because I think that tells a lot about them. Like if I think they are attractive or if they are skinny and short I will probably automatically think they are nerdy or if they were tall and built I would think they were attracitve and coo.

I think I look at girls outfits first because that will automatically give me a quick judgement on what to expect with the interaction I will have with them. Like if they are wearing weird clothes I will perceive them to be weird, or if a girl is really stylish or is wearing really nice clothes I will automatically think they are cool or even snobby." 

Day 12

Miranda Jacoby - Feet/Shoes

"When I was a baby I had to have surgery on my feet and it left scars which make me insecure about that part of my body so that's what I always look at in other people."

Day 10

Izzy Kramer - Mouth

"That's where I look when I talk to people. I like to see people's teeth and smile and if they smile the first time they meet me that tells me something." 

Day 9

Brandon Parrino - Face

"Like their expressions and smiles and things like that. I think noticing that first is important because you learn the most about who they are and their intentions."

Day 8

Hayley Robbins - Hair

"In girls, I look at her hair, what color it is and if it is neat or messy. You can tell a lot about a person's day by their hair, also how much they care about their hygiene. In guys, I look at their facial hair. It tells me the same thing that a girl's hair does."

Day 5

Gabi Wilkinson - Smile

"A smile can tell you so much about someone. Whether they're even smiling at all, when you meet them or it's easy to tell if it's genuine. If someone has a big open smile that reaches their eyes, that's probably someone I'd want to get to know. I'm kind of drawn to smiles or they can totally scare me away if they're creepy!"